On letting go: accepting flow

A leaf falls

A small leaf fell from a tree. For weeks now, it had been barely clinging to its parent-branch, but now, it was time to let go. Caught by the wind, it floated side-to-side, slowly making its way down, down, down, down. Soft moss broke its fall, the leaf’s yellow-red hue standing out against deep, green fuzz. The leaf was, now, and always had been, exactly where it needed to be. 

Trusting and accepting that we are where we need to be can be difficult, especially when we resist our current position. It can help to flow with, rather than resist, situations that will inevitably remain the same, regardless of how we approach it. The leaf cannot find its way back to the branch, it cannot re-attach itself. Perhaps in the leaf’s mind, a connection to the branch stubbornly persists. It is, however, a mere memory. A ghost. An imprint of the past. But attachment of what was, and cannot be anymore, is of little good. Lamenting in such a way robs the present – it detracts from enjoying the only experience that actually exists. The now. By letting go, embracing, and accepting, we are able to release the potential of the present. The depth of our experience is enhanced. The pain disappears, displaced by joy and excitement. We befriend our new surroundings, and learn to love them. We learn to love ourselves, in the new, in the now. We find peace.

Easy to say, harder to practice. But, absolutely worth the effort.


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