Wandering with wonder

Today, I spent hours wandering in wonder, through an unfamiliar city. Although initially, I used certain landmarks to keep myself orientated, eventually I realised that I was thoroughly lost. I had no sense of direction whatsoever, and realising this, decided to do away with my desire to know where I was. It didn’t matter that I was lost, and it was peculiar that I had bothered trying to remain orientated in the first place. I was under no time pressure. I had nowhere to be. I wandered around, the landscape transforming rapidly as I walked and walked. An activity-filled beach became a vast, green park-space, then a commercial district buzzing with excited shoppers… I peeked down cobble-stone alleyways, saw a screetching ambulance, I passed a traffic-filled freeway ….and so on. Once I surpassed the uncomfortable feeling of being lost, in a foreign place with absolutely no understanding of the language, I was filled with a sense of amazement for what was around me. I was filled with wonder.
I love becoming lost in both the familiar and unfamiliar. In the external, physical world, it is wonderful to see new things, or experience the old from a new angle. Internally, too, I love to wander. In using my imagination, or simply observing the flow of thoughts and feelings, I find myself experiencing new pockets of consciousness that have not yet been accessed. It inspires wonder, a sense of awe. Approaching wandering with wonder, rather than with despair for being lost or aimless, opens the door to wonderful experiences.  By allowing ourselves – and others – to see the value in being both externally and internally lost, the unknown may be seen from a new light. What follows is a zest for adventure, a love for being lost.

Allow me,

My mind,

To become lost,

In a canopy of lush green,


The nails

That drive through me,

They pierce gaps,


With your dull idea of reality


Let it be,

Let me wander

Through corridors of magnificence,

Lined by tall oaks,

Carrying with them

Secrets of age


They whisper,

If you let them


Listen to what

Can be,

What is,

When one is free to be lost


Everything is alive


The forest doesn’t lie


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