Clichéd words for heavy hearts

I make no apologies for clichéd words.

Thus far, this blog has been filled with aspirational words – positive phrases, and themes that one might consider to be clichéd, or corny. I do not say sorry for this. For good reason, I am selecting such language and choosing to focus on certain themes. Having been a student of both politics and law, I note the importance of being aware and critical of what is happening around us. Many sentient beings, and the environment, are hurting. I am very much of the opinion that their suffering is our suffering, as the distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is a fictitious, illusionary distinction. In saying this, I wish not to undermine or belittle the suffering of others – no doubt, their experience of the suffering carries with it much more pain than I am likely to ever experience.

There is a barrage of information available that critically analyses politics, society, history and so on. I do not dismiss the importance of such information – understanding the existing status quo and state of affairs is, I believe, a necessary step in alleviating suffering and proliferating joy. However, I have personally spent years focusing on what is wrong. Critical analysis – within the Western academic setting, at least – tends to focus on the ills of the world. I am grateful for the way in which my mind has been trained. I have been lucky to receive an excellent formal education; I am aware of the opportunities that I’ve been afforded.

At some point, however, the critical analysis lens required of me in my studies began to dominate the way in which I lived. The very idea of ‘critical’ analysis is contingent on judgment. I am more interested in coming to life from a place of understanding, and love. My studies – combined with various forms of activist work – left me nursing a heavy heart. Now, I seek to balance the many years I’ve spent writing in ways that poke and prod the faults of existence. I want to practice using words that illuminate its beauty. So, I make no apologies for the clichéd words that I use. I make no apologies for the focus on love, the focus on understanding, on connection, on beauty. I make no apologies for the focus on peace, on stillness. Language is so powerful. I hope to use language that inspires connection and understanding, unity. This is a place for me practice. So for now, I continue with the cliché.



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