Despite being stuck in this moment in time, paradoxically, we are always moving. We move, in our minds, from one thing to another. We walk from our houses, to the train station, to a friends place. We chew, moving our jaws, to eat food. We cycle from here to there, our muscles moving and our bodies flying through space.

Movement. I absolutely love it. I am passionate about movement, I enjoy it in many forms: I love hiking, tapping my foot to a beat, stretching my neck, yoga, high-fiving someone….

In particular, I love dancing.

I love moving freely, with intention. Shutting my eyes, and bringing my awareness to specific parts of my body, feeling into them. Flowing. In the flow of dance, I become both the observer of my body, whilst being the driver. I experience the ultimate contradiction of existence: how can it be, that I am both in control and completely out of control? Where is the line between the two? Does the line even exist?

Dancing has taught me so much, the importance of passion, of love, of open-ness, honesty, connection and communication without words. The importance of creativity and expression: and how the world is mirrored in the way that I move. My body is a reflection of the way that things are around me and it, a reflection of me. Through dance, I learn about my needs: do I need to open myself up, to those around me? Am I in need of some personal reflection? Do I feel heavy? Do I need to stretch certain muscles? Why? Am I sitting down too much? Have I been eating well? Am I connected to my surroundings? Do I feel free? Am I living mindfully?

It is through awareness and intention in my actions, that I seem to locate the ultimate free movement. This can be applied as a lesson – generally – too. It is through awareness, and understanding, of the self, that we are truly able to freely flow with the tide of existence.

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