More on the mind

Consciousness amazes me. Of course, the term ‘consciousness’ is super ambiguous, and can refer to many ideas, concepts and layers. The mind is one element of consciousness, and is a constant source of enternaiment, curiosity and fascination. Others’ minds, fascinate me, as does my own…as well as the connection between all minds.

I observed my wandering mind last night, and truly appreciated that my mind actually cannot be ‘my own’. It is a collection of memories, smartened across a made-up interpretation of the spurious concept that we refer to as time. The mind, my mind, your mind, our minds, cannot be tamed. We try to tame it, constantly. But the attempt to tame it in the ways in which we conventionally do, limits us. It culminates in confusion, unhappiness – I feel it in myself, see it in the grim faces of passing strangers, and hear it in the stories told by struggling friends.

Accepting that it the mind cannotbe tamed, erodes a repressive boundary. The dissipation of this boundary frees the mind, opening to it many adventures and many worlds. From here, it can swim through the darkest, deepest seas with ease. It can jump from branch to branch of tall oak trees; it can become the tree itself. It begins to understand it’s very nature: the unity of existence. It sings beautiful songs, that the tames mind cannot hear.

Yes. I’ve been tricked to believe that my mind is mine, that it is separate from the web of consciousness that underpins existence. I’ve been tricked to believe that my excited mind should be cubed up, packaged into a neat box, to then bounce from one wall to the other – and back again. ┬áBut one of the walls has opened, its unhinging revealing the magnificent world of colour that holds me.

Sometimes, the mind becomes trapped again. But when it accepts that it cannot be tamed, that taming is an illusion, it is free to wonder. Free to create. Free to be one.

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