On dreaming

Dream states have been the source of curiosity for me, and for many people across the span of time and space. Dreaming, the thought processes that occur once we reach a point of slumber, creates a state in which our imagination runs free and wild.

My dreams teaches me lessons that my waking consciousness has not discovered on its own. Often, I wake up, giggling at the ridiculousness of something that’s happened in my dreams. I remember not to take life too seriously, and to have fun.

Dreamscapes are places in which fear, love, fulfillment, desire, happiness and sadness can all be mixed and merged into a confusing mess. I am reminded that nothing really makes any sense, and that the mind tries to order things, but ultimately this categorization is an arbitrary – subjective – organization system of existence that is neither right or wrong. I am reminded to be patient with my interpretation of reality. I am reminded to be flexible, and open to everybody else’s perception and systems of organization.

When I wake up smiling, because I’ve dreamt of something or someone I love, I am reminded to cherish it. I am reminded to sit by a river and meditate with the trees, with the stones, under a knowing sky. I am reminded to dance, to run, to jump, to share a meal. I am reminded to tell someone that I love them, to remind them of love.

Sure, dreams are ‘fabricated’…but if we concentrate and listen carefully, they whisper secrets. They can help up colour the fabric of our existence.

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