then, now, nature, nature

Yesterday, I went to the beach. Today, I go for a walk to the market.

Yesterday, the sun peeked its head above layers of grey and white. Today, layers of grey and white cover the sun.

Yesterday, I sat at the edge of a rock pool, which rippled, as it caught tiny droplets of rain. Today, volumes of water fall from the market roof, as it begins to buckle at the weight of downpour.

Yesterday, I heard birdcalls, crashing waves and a tune hummed by my friend as we walked side-by-side, our feet sandy and skin salty. Today, there is a cacophony of children’s laughter and adults’ loud groans, as they stand at the edge of the car park, waiting for the sky to clear.

Yesterday, I felt grateful. Today, I feel grateful.

Nature. Nature.




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