pouring water

I remember earlier, when I was showing you how to pour boiling water from one cup to another. You had been pouring it slowly, carefully, and doubting your ability – and kept spilling it, retracting your hand and dropping the cup completely. I showed you how to do it quickly, confidently, and the water was delivered safely to its new vessel. It kept your hands safe in the process.  Doubt can be useful, of course, but it debilitates many of us in a way that disconnects us from releasing our full potential.

You look to me, now, and I see that you are questioning yourself. I see it in your eyes. I don’t know how to tell you that only you know the answer, and that the answer probably isn’t what you expected. I don’t know how to tell you, that the answer potentially doesn’t even exist. I wonder how you would take it. Not well, I suppose, and I match your confused gaze with confusion of my own.


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