On walking and flow states

I went for a walk recently at my parents place, with my mother and my sibling. Both laugh, nicely, at my exploration of movement practice. Interestingly, they are fairly progressive in many ways, but despite my encouragement to try dance, or yoga, or even meditation as a form of raising awareness and consciousness, they remain dubious.

My mother lives in an absolutely stunning corner of the world. There are birds abundant, the occasional kangaroo, a creek, trees everywhere and such a diversity of other flora and fauna. In short, it is the perfect place for opening, embracing and moving with awareness.

When we walked together, I found myself moving my arms about with flow and with ease. I found my own authentic walk, which came easily and freely, was not at all forced. It felt familiar and warm. I didn’t really realize what exactly I was doing, until my mother began to imitate me, and my sibling laughed.

It came to make me realize just how homogenous our walking has become. As one sits on the street and looks around at how people walk, they will observe small differences in gate and posture, pace, feet turn-out, etc. However, more or less, the arms remain by the body; walking is not seen as a canvas for expression.

I’ve often imagined, and when I walking I imagined again, what would the world look like if people embraced their flow state – fuelled by creativity and freedom in movement – when they were walking? Of course, it would not be entirely practical: sometimes walking needs to be completed as quickly as possible to travel from one place to another. But we do walk, often, when we do not need to be somewhere. Nonetheless, our walking has become quite homogenous. By focusing on walking, with awareness, it can become an entirely meditative process. It can become a means of free expression. It can become a dance.

Free the walk. 😉

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