dancing into the new year

I slip away from the others. The darkness welcomes me, and I welcome it. The air is thick, but cool against my skin and I move slowly, my fingers spread wide and my arms open. I sway left, then right, stepping forwards, backwards and sideways. Zigzagging through frenetic bodies, I finally find space at the back, and I allow the beat to take me on a journey. I close my eyes, I feel myself, I feel everything around me. I feel us. I become the music. I don’t know where I start, and where I end. My body is space, my body is floating. The deep, heavy beat carries me, I am flying, I am free. Every now and then, I open my eyes. My eyes trace the silhouette of dancers, who dance for joy, for happiness, for excitement against a backdrop of flashing colours.

We are suspended in this moment. We greet a new cycle.

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