peace in day to day life

Bats fly high, their small silhouettes cut dark shapes into the deep purple sky. Outside, on the street, a young girl stands still. She holds a florescent green bike, with a matching helmet. Her eyes are curious as they explore the near-night sky. The sunset was brilliant, but is gone now. We sit here, in our chaotic apartment. The doors are open, revealing a wide open space, interrupted by the glowing city lights in the distance. Earlier, as we chopped the vegetables, we argued about menial matters; who would bring the scraps to the compost, why wasn’t the bed made this morning. Laughing at our insignificant conversation, we then meditated together. We sat side-by-side on this sofa, our fingers interlinked. We stare at bats, and when I turn to look at you, your half-smile calms my mind.

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