no sunshine, no sleep

When it is particularly cloudy or a day without sunshine, we have less power, because we live in a solar-powered house. Today, the sun hid away, and tonight, it is dark in our house. I arrived home late, and fumbled around in the darkness to try to find a torch. In my fumbling, my hands landed upon a block of very, very dark chocolate. I ate it, and now, as I lie in the darkness in what must be the middle of the night, I try to hear beyond the ringing in my ears. I feel a vibration in my stomach, and there is a grumble, and a rustle, and I’m not sure if it comes from my stomach, or from the resident mouse scurrying through the piles of journal articles in the corner of my room. I try not to think about it too much – the mouse, that is – and instead remind myself not to eat chocolate before bed on account of my mind zinging, too fast and sharp to find slumber. I open my laptop, and tap-tap-tap away, breaking my rule of technological abstinence after dark, in a bid to tire my very active mind.

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