Who am I?

Each full moon, I marvel at the cycle of life, the circular motion, the spiral of existence. It symbolises, to me, the co-existence of everything that is. Oneness. My concept of self is rather fluid; right now, I am exploring concepts of self, of identity, of ego – of where the ‘self’ ends, and where the ‘world’ starts. My current understanding of ‘self’ stems from a perspective of interconnectivity. In doing so, existence, life and the world is perceived holistically. ‘I’ do not exist in a vacuum. The self reflects the world, and the world reflects fragments of the self. The self then, is an extension of everything else that exists, and vice-versa. I am interested in realising and exploring the idea of self as not a separate entity, but as a co-existing extension of other parts of life. I see Earth and its surrounds as a living, breathing organism; by virtue of being a part of it, I am connected to a tree, to an ant, to fellow people, to the moon, to the ocean. My curiosity lies in connection, both inwards and outwards. I hope that in exploring such concepts, I become the best possible extension of life, and inspire others to be the same. In my observation of the moon cycle, which takes place each month, I hope to be able to reflect on ways in which I have observed, practiced and created beauty on Earth, our home.