Its dark, but the morning will soon peek its head over the mountains in the distance, where a purple glow hints at the brilliance to come. My headphones are on, and I listen to slow-dub, but between the deep sounds there are spaces, filled with the tweeting of birds, flying overhead in pairs. I am […]

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existential library

row upon rown spine next to spine words words words millions of truths millions of lies millions of uncertainties and all the certainty in the world small symbols in repeated patterns ordered, and random layers of meaning meaning upon meaning unthreading what has come before …..and how can we say that we are ever right?

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hope, stifled

The flip of my stomach, as I wait to meet you, a new feeling? Or absent for many years. Time marched on, while you were here and I was there, I see you, my insides jump again, pushing against my skin. Then you tell me, and I grimace a smile as invisible tears run down […]

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morning meditation

vines hang above, swinging like a pendulum in the violent wind there is a flap-flap-flap, and a pidgin, followed by another, land on a near-by branch a smattering of cloud moves against vibrant blue, there is a deep grumble, and the silhouette of an aeroplane carves into the sun presence

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clunking along, under fluorescent light someone sits opposite sipping an energy drink eyes shifting from one side to the other their gaze pausing lingering on the title of an open magazine: politicians lie it says ouside for a moment are boxed in offices row upon row inside tiny chairs, and tiny desks, and tiny computers […]

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I write now, taking a short break from watching the shadow nibble away at the edges of the moon. I move in the moonlight, my limbs sliding through the night, the hair on my arms illuminated by the dim light cast into the backyard. Twisted roots surround me, and a few single bats are almost […]

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You sit down, and through the window that separates the carriages, I see you. In your hands is a book, but you’re too far away and I cannot read its title, nor do I recognize its cover. Once we hit the loop, you disappear temporarily, as the train carriage snake around the corner. I look […]

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