On walking and flow states

I went for a walk recently at my parents place, with my mother and my sibling. Both laugh, nicely, at my exploration of movement practice. Interestingly, they are fairly progressive in many ways, but despite my encouragement to try dance, or yoga, or even meditation as a form of raising awareness and consciousness, they remain […]

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Noise on a German train

Finally, I board the train from Dresden to Pirna. My blood pressure is low, already, because I’m hungry from the run to the bus stop in Berlin, and a long journey that begun with the ugly sound of my alarm at 4am. In my hand is a packet of roasted, salted pistachios. The silence causes […]

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Sparky eyes

Sparkly eyes, no veil between what they see and how you see them, no veil between them and the core. Sparkly eyes, bright soul, you beautiful thing. You’re tired, and you move like it, you’re wonderful and you move like it, you sway slowly, tired, wonderful.  

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The stringy bark tree sheds its outer layer, around this time of the year. Pink and purple hues peel down, slowly, slowly, revealing beneath it a green-grey skin. The colour is unique, each tree different to the next. If one looks closely, it’s wavy texture is evident – there’s so much variation even within each […]

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pouring water

I remember earlier, when I was showing you how to pour boiling water from one cup to another. You had been pouring it slowly, carefully, and doubting your ability – and kept spilling it, retracting your hand and dropping the cup completely. I showed you how to do it quickly, confidently, and the water was […]

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