No-one’s dance

Through dance, the self-world dichotomy is able to be dissipated. When we move, we might ask ourselves the question: where does this movement come from? It is an impossible task to locate the source of movement, to locate what inspires us to move in a specific way, or even to locate the reasons underpinning our physical capabilities. […]

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The sky threatened to rain, grumbling above us. We were lying on our backs, at that point, admiring the show that nature was putting on in the sky. The clouds were gravitating in a circular motion around each other. Everything was moving, quickly; I could hardly keep up. I’ve always been fascinated by the sky. […]

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spines, together

i sit here, my spine against yours my eyes see, your leaves feel, my spine is your spine, your leaves, my hands. in my palms, are two seeds, one, your masterpiece, untouched, the other, a masterpiece, yours, and hers, she carved into it, the secrets of her mind. the seeds are your flesh, I carry […]

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